Summer Hair Color: Keep it Simple

Summer Hair Color: Keep it Simple

Monday, June 28, 2010 | Tags:
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It’s the best time right now to keeping your hair color protected and as simple as possible, it’s not the best time of the year to ask for or do bolder, brighter colors or creative highlights. In fact in the summer with blondes I might just work with one shade and let the sun do what it’s going to do anyway to the rest of the hair, but I never use more than two shades using a combination of fine and medium weaves particularly in the nape area and sides in the front hairline where the hair is more visible due to being worn up most of the time in the summer heat and humidity.

For the ever fading redheads I like to add a bit more brown in the formulations, this way prevents whatever fading is going to occur not appear as brassy as a red, copper do. And always seal it with a clear ((no color) gloss, creating a UV protection as well as shine. And as for the brunettes; the key here is adding a blue/violet in the formula and nothing warm even if the formula calls for some. Remembering that the environment plays havoc with hair color is why I feel keeping it simple is quintessentially the best possible way to having gorgeous summer hair without any worries for both hairdresser and consumer regarding fading, , bleaching out and dryness. So keep the more creative color placements and bolder shades for the fall when it’s the time to evaluate the entire hair and look.

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