Keeping Grey Hair Color Grey

Keeping Grey Hair Color Grey

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 | Tags:
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Being a hair colorist the truth is I am not a fan of grey hair color, not because I make a living coloring grey hairs away but because 90% of the time I find that untouched natural grey hair colors have a dull sometimes yellowish cast to it, and to me no one suits that shade. However when I see beautiful women with a great haircut and healthy shiny grey hair I love it, I also love salt & pepper hair color yet like most hair colors even grey takes some work.

In removing and eliminating that yellowish stain to grey hair which is primarily caused by water, smoke and natural pollutants the best way is with clear glosses with a touch of blue or violet tone to it, but the first step is to wash the hair with a shampoo/cocktail a combination of shampoo and peroxide which will release any stains. The hair ends up looking greyer (chrome-like) which is what the tone should be if going completely grey.

Another wonder way to add a little dimension and shiny is doing very fine foil highlights as fine as angel hair pasta, adding back a little of the persons natural color before it went dishwater mouse. Overall the idea of having grey hair for anyone who either wants to go grey or is going grey and does not want to get rid of all of it and finding that right balance of blue-violet is the key to complementing the individuals skin. The right hair care products such as blue, violet, or silver enhancing shampoos and conditioners is an absolute must to maintaining a gorgeous head of grey, silver or white hair.

My recommended products:
Aveda Pure Plant & Flower Shampoo and Conditioner in Blue Malva

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