Hair & Hair Color Challenge #14

Hair & Hair Color Challenge #14

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | Tags:
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How often should color treated hair be washed in the summer if your hair is dry ?


As a rule for me and my clients I prefer once a week or the most twice a week shampooing, no matter what season we are in. Washing our hair everyday when there is hair color present is one of the worst things women and men can do, first no matter what kind of products we use it still is a detergent (cleanser) and it removes sometimes important natural essential oils that dry hair needs. I also believe that 1 to 2x a week of shampooing does also help in preserving your hair color longer, and as for those that would debate this because of workouts, environmental pollutants, odors, smoke etc there are several ways that you can get around these challenges. Rinsing the hair thoroughly and applying a non-heavy conditioner only from the middle part of the hair to the ends does the trick, which leaves the hair conditioned, shinny and smelling great. Another key is to try not to use an abundance of styling aids; less is more and using the right hair styling products is yet another key to maintaining healthy hair without the need for daily washing. I am a stickler when it comes to my clients washing their hair on a daily bases, and I often recommend for those who truly can’t go without washing their hair more than twice a week a lighter non-evasive milder shampoo but in all cases the conditioner is the most important, remembering to keep the conditioner away from the roots.

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